FUNdamentals Terms & Conditions

Copyright Terms & Conditions:

The U.S. All Star Federation FUNdamentals materials are copyright protected and may not be disseminated to any person outside the Qualifying Member All Star Program. Qualifying Member Programs may print a copies of the provided materials for use implementing the FUNdamentals program as a part of your All Star offerings, but may not distribute or otherwise share the printed documents.


Music Usage Terms & Conditions:

CheerSounds Music and Training, LLC has licensed the use of three tracks of music to the US All Star Federation for use and inclusion in the FUNdamentals program. Qualifying member programs agree to the music usage terms as outlined in the USASF FUNdamentals Music License Agreement.


FUNdamentals Participant and Enrollment Reporting:

I agree to enter all FUNdamentals participants or class registrants as FUNdamentals Athletes in the USASF Member Database. I understand there in no membership fee for FUNdamentals Athletes to participate and they are not covered by the USASF Member Athlete Insurance Program.