The Music for FUNdamentals can be downloaded and listened to here. Music is courtesy of CheerSounds, please visit for more information on CheerSounds.

The music for FUNdamentals 1, FUNdamentals 2, and FUNdamentals 3 are separate and each available at 3 different speeds, 144bpm, 140 bpm, and 135bpm.

Each link above contains the music to FUNdamentals 1, 2, and 3 at the same speed.

USASF FUN CheerSound Logo


USASF has obtained from CheerSounds Music and Training, LLC (“Cheersounds”) a license to use certain original music for cheer and dance team performances (the “Music”), and the right to permit its members to use the music in accordance with USASF programs. USASF has created its FUNdamentals program (the “Program”) in furtherance of this right. USASF is allowing its members (each a “Member”) who opt-in to the Program to use the Music. Your acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth below (the “Terms”) permits you to use the Music:

  1. USASF grants Member a nonexclusive, royalty-free and non-transferable right to use the Music as part of the Program.
  2. Member must enter all of its participants in the Program in the USASF member database and comply with all the Terms of the Program.
  3. Member may use the Music only at its All Star facility and as part of the Program class.
  4. Member may download and play the Music only in connection with the Program. Use in connection with other classes or programs is prohibited.
  5. Member may not edit, remix or make derivative works of the Music or any part thereof.
  6. Member may not make or distribute copies of the Music or allow its participants to copy or distribute the Music.
  7. Member must attribute and credit the Music to Cheersounds.
  8. Member must obtain from USASF a separate license for any additional use that is not authorized above. Follow this link to apply for a separate license – click here
  9. If Member ceases to participate in the Program for any reason, Member will forthwith destroy its copy of the Music.
  10. USASF may discontinue the Program at anytime upon notice to Member.
  11. USASF may terminate Member’s right to use the Music at any time and for any reason upon thirty (30) days prior written notice.