Jumps 1

Please select one of the modules below to begin FUNdamentals I – Jumps.

FUN1 J.1 – “Understanding Engaging the Core”

The use of the engaged core creates power. We will break down ways to teach athletes what it means to engage their core.

Understanding Engaging the Core

FUN1 J.2 – “Athletic Stance and Approach”
FUN1 J.3 – “Low Clasp and Athletic Stance”
FUN1 J.4 – “Arm Swing to Strong T”

Arms moving to the Strong T creates lift of body as our arms are the lifters of our body. At the same time this lift engages our posterior jumping chain of muscles used to lift our body off the ground. When you swing arms from down to up it engages all of the upper body muscles to contract as well as an eccentric / concentric reaction in lower body that coupled with an engaged core will lift the body into the air.

Arm Swing to Strong T

FUN1 J.5 – “Straight Jump with Strong T”

This module uses Jump Modules 2, 3, and 4 all put together to master the Straight Jump with Strong T.

Straight Jump with Strong T

FUN1 J.6 – “Straight Jump”

Mastering the “Straight Jump with Strong T” for choreography section of routine. This module uses Jump Modules 5 and is working on putting the jump into the choreography of the routine.

Straight Jump