Conditioning 1

Please select one of the modules below to begin FUNdamentals I – Conditioning. Arm/Shoulders are first, Core begins with FUN1 C.8., Legs begins with FUN1 C.12., Full Body begins with FUN1 C.25.

Arm/Shoulder Conditioning

FUN1 C.1 – “Shoulder Lifts”
FUN1 C.2 – “Pushes Against Wall with Shoulders”
FUN1 C.3 – “Handstand Hops on a Trampoline or Floor”
FUN1 C.4 – “Touchdowns”
FUN1 C.5 – “Shoulder Shrugs on Hands and Knees”
FUN1 C.6 – “Shoulder Lifts in High V, T, and Low V with Thumbs Up and Down”
FUN1 C.7 – “Engagement of Upper Back”

Core Conditioning

FUN1 C.8 – “Plank Holds”
FUN1 C.9 – “Shoulder Shrugs in a Push Up”
FUN1 C.10 – “Cat Backs”
FUN1 C.11 – “Table Tops”

Leg Conditioning

FUN1 C.12 – “Fire Hydrants”
FUN1 C.13 – “Single Leg Alternate Extends from Hands and Knees”
FUN1 C.14 – “Two Leg Hamstring Holds”
FUN1 C.15 – “Lie on Mat and Push Feet Against Wall Moving the Mat”
FUN1 C.16 – “Squats”
FUN1 C.17 – “Four Way Pulls for Ankles”
FUN1 C.18 – “Donkey Kicks”
FUN1 C.19 – “Squats Against Bands”
FUN1 C.20 – “Calf Raises”
FUN1 C.21 – “Clam Shells”
FUN1 C.22 – “Banded Walk Sequence”
FUN1 C.23 – “Squat Jumps”
FUN1 C.24 – “Stretches for Groin Muscles – Side Lunges”

Full Body Conditioning

FUN1 C.25 – “Candlestick Roll”
FUN1 C.26 – “Candlestick Roll Ups to Two Feet”
FUN1 C.27 – “Candlestick Tuck Rolls to Stand”