Dance FUNdamentals Coloring Pages

The coloring pages are not meant to stand alone.  They are to be used as lesson reinforcement for the Pom and Hip Hop dance FUNdamentals Lessons 1-12 and the Bonus Weeks 1-6.

How to use them?

  • Email them to the parents after every class. They can discuss the “moves” with their child and print the pages at home.  Enjoy sharing with the parents the skills that their child is learning in your program.
  • Print the pages and pass them out at the end of class. The teacher can reinforce the moves and discuss the Super Hero character!
  • The Super Hero characters emphasize the values that All Star teaches.
    • Example Ellie – Leading by Example
    • Positive Piper – Leading by Encouraging
    • Honest Huck – Leading by telling the Truth
    • Courageous Charlie – Leading by being Brave
    • Star and Roman – the Spectacular Seniors!

Want to learn more about the Super Heroes?  Supplement the coloring pages by printing the FUNdamentals activity book.

Post the pages on bulletin boards and within the class space to publicize FUNdamentals and the dance classes.

Don’t forget to share how YOU are using the coloring pages in The Connection and using the hashtag: #THISISALLSTAR