Tumbling 2

Please select one of the modules below to begin FUNdamentals II – Tumbling.

FUN2 T.1 – “Backward Roll to Push Up Position”

Intro to Backward Roll, ending in push up position with arms and legs locked and core engaged.

Backward Roll to Push Up Position

FUN2 T.2 – “Lunge”

Intro to the Lunge


FUN2 T.3 – “Levers – Front and Back”

Intro to Levers – front and back.

Levers – Front and Back

FUN2 T.4 – “Cartwheel”

Intro to the Cartwheel


FUN2 T.5 – “Handstand”

Intro to Handstand


FUN2 T.6 – “Athletic Stance to Straight Jump”

Intro to Athletic Stance to Straight Jump.

Athletic Stance to Straight Jump

FUN2 T.7 – “Jump Full Turn”

Intro to Jump Full Turn

Jump Full Turn

FUN2 T.8 – “Bridge”

Intro to Bridge


FUN2 T.9 – “Mastering the Bridge – Leg Lift”

Mastering the Bridge. This module, we are going to pick up with the bridge introduced in Tumbling Module 8 – “Bridge” and teach the counts so it can be placed in routine!

Mastering the Bridge – Leg Lift

FUN2 T.10 – “Forward Roll”

Mastering the forward roll.

Forward Roll

FUN2 T.11 – “Tumbling Choreography”

The three 8-counts of choreography incorporates skills learned throughout FUNdamentals 2.

Tumbling Choreography