Cheer FUNdamentals 2

FUNdamentals is a foundational, class-based course. The U.S. All Star Federation has developed it to help YOU offer a new, lower cost, less intensive product in your facility that attracts first-time young athletes to All Star. The lessons have been developed to introduce cheer in a FUN way to athletes that have never been a part of All Star and are curious as to what it’s all about. The idea is for athletes and families to fall in love with All Star cheer in a learning-only, non-competitive environment. Competition teams are there when the athletes are fully prepared through FUNdamentals!

FUNdamentals is a program based on progressions, and each tier has been developed based on a 12 week course. As athletes master the skills in FUNdamentals 1 they then can progress to FUNdamentals 2, and then on to FUNdamentals 3. By the time the athletes complete FUNdamentals 3 they will have been introduced to and learning Elite Level 1 skills. At this point you get to help guide them to a direction in your program that best fits their needs, whether that is to additional classes, or perhaps to a Novice, Prep or Elite Team.

Let the FUN begin!